Indiana Judo Inc. Membership

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Membership Details

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Membership shall comply with classes as defined under Article V in the Articles of Incorporation.

1) Membership fees for Indiana Judo Inc. will be:
a. Class A: $25.00 per calendar year - Club Membership (up to two delegates/votes)
b. Class B: $25.00 per calendar year - Individual Yudansha Membership (1 vote)
c. Class C: Possess a current National membership through USJI, USJF. or USJA. Indiana fees will be $12.00 for juniors and $17.00 for seniors.
d. Class D $250.00

2) You must be a member in good standing with United States Judo Inc., United States Judo Association, or United States Judo Federation to be a member of Indiana Judo.

3) For an Indiana chartered club to have voting rights it must have five (5) USJI, USJF, or USJA members or any combination. Registered Indiana Judo clubs in good standing the previous year will have voting rights the following year provided they register by May of the following calendar year.

4) Yudansha who are members of an Indiana chartered club must meet the same requirements as a club charter.