Elite/Outstanding Players 2019 Indiana Judo "Player of the Year" Awards

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2019 Outstanding Club - Ross Community Center Judo

Ross Community Center Judo is a club from Muncie, IN.
The Ross Center Judo Academy is an excellent program that has brought a lot of structure and interpersonal development to all of its students. Since our Judo Academy began in 2014, it has benefited children and adults alike in the City of Muncie.

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2019 Outstanding Coach: Mario Camacho
Fisher YMCA Judo and Ball State University Judo

Sensei Mario Camacho, is proud to coach both the Fishers YMCA Judo and Ball State University Judo Clubs. He is an International level coach and a Sandan (3rd degree black belt).

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Carlos Esparza

Marion PAL Judo
Outstanding Sr. Male

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JC Camacho

Ball State University Judo
Outstanding Sr. Female

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Evan Miller

Marion PAL
Jr. Boys 13 & over

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Kassie Huey

Judan Judo
Jr. Girls 13 & over

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Arell Sago

Ross Community Center
Jr. Boys 9 to 12

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Sophia Sprunger

Judan Judo
Jr. Girls 9 to 12

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Quintrell Hennesey

Ross Community Center
Jr. Boys 8 & under

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Ava Peterson

Judan Judo
Jr. Girls 8 & under